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Here you’ll find resources, courses, and inspiration to enter deep into devotional kirtan and joyfully share kirtan with others.
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Sacred mantra music, sung alone or in call-and-response gatherings, is known as kirtan.

What You’ll Learn

Learn to sing kirtan and to play these traditional instruments to accompany kirtan:

  kartals (hand cymbals)
  mridanga (two-headed drum) and
  harmonium (keyboard with hand-pumped bellows).

Dive into the art of kirtan with our in-depth courses

Bundle two or more courses and save!

Our teachers have created these courses to give you everything you need to become an expert kirtaniya yourself. 
The Language of Music course provides an important musical foundation. 
You'll have a more enjoyable time with the harmonium, mridanga, and kartal courses if you take the Language of Music course.

What to Expect

Excellent teachers who enjoy helping you excel
Encouragement from your peers
The convenience of learning at your own pace, on your own schedule
An engaged community to share and learn with
Connection – with your teacher and fellow students to help you keep moving forward
Certificate of Completion signed by your teacher  
We will be continuously adding more courses and workshops by kirtan singers and accomplished musicians to further enrich your Art of Kirtan experience. 

What our students say

Bada Haridas is an exemplary Vaishnava and musical guru. He taught me and my two daughters (ages 11 and 7). Now, we have the joy of singing kirtan together at home as a family, bringing immense happiness into our lives. Bada Haridas is extremely patient, and imparts knowledge and skill in a mood of service. We feel extremely honored to be taught by such a great soul.
Abhinetri Allin M.D. (Anala Dasi)
My first and most influential mridanga teacher is Vish. His knowledge and application of that knowledge is so incredibly deep and heart felt. To have a teacher like Vish, who is patient as well as kind, is invaluable.
Millard Roper, Founder of Funky Om Yoga
Learning harmonium with Bada Haridas has been a journey of growth, both musically and spiritually. With his patient guidance I have progressed in my harmonium skills and in my confidence. One of the highlights was learning the Saranagati prayers and experiencing a deeper connection with Krishna through kirtan. I am extremely grateful to have Bada Haridas as my teacher.
Mangal-arti Mattoo
Visvambhar was my first mrdanga teacher. Until that point, I just knew enough to play in kirtans, but I hadn't learned properly. It was always fun, challenging, and exciting to learn from Vish, My brother and I always looked forward to learning the next beat. Vish was a catalyst in setting us up for success in playing mridanga and I'm always proud to say he's my teacher.
Kishor Gopal Das, Traveling Kirtaniya

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