Play the Harmonium - Harmonium 1

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An in-depth harmonium course with Bada Haridas
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We’ve crafted this course to give you everything you need to learn to sing and play harmonium for kirtan. You’ll soon be able to lead 12 kirtans with multiple-part melodies. Woven into this course is a lot of music education to give you a strong foundation.
BONUS COURSE INCLUDED: Kirtan Sequence & Flow ($50 value). Sign up for Harmonium 1 and receive both courses.
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Course Overview

North Indian Music System & Western Music

We teach the North Indian system of music and how to sing the swara. This gives you the foundation to play by ear, understand raga, and easily transpose melodies. 

Side by side you'll learn the basics of Western music. This will make it easier to play in different keys, and understand relative scales and chords.

Fingering, Chords, and Scales

In the beginning of Harmonium 1, we focus on playing melody and good fingering habits. Proper fingering helps develop strength and agility in your hands so your fingers can move about the keyboard easily.

You will also learn about chords, chord inversions, how to play chords in a kirtan, and how to weave a melody and chords together.   

As part of this course we’ve provided a great resource: Scales and alankaras in all 12 keys. With these videos you can learn to play in different keys, and to transpose any melody into various keys, for yourself and to play for other singers.

Applying What You Learn in Kirtan

There are 12 Maha Mantra kirtan videos for you to learn and practice with. You'll have Visvambhar for your mridanga player, kartal players, and a lovely chorus.

The Kirtan Sequence & Flow videos are designed to give you an inside look at what is happening throughout the kirtan. This analysis will prepare you to lead kirtan yourself. 

This course is much more than learning to play the harmonium. It's a comprehensive music course to give you everything you need to lead kirtan and accompany yourself and others with the harmonium. 

Course Preview

meet your instructor

Bada Haridas

Kirtan and harmonium teacher
A lifelong musician, professionally trained in classical music and jazz, Bada Haridas received his Bachelors of Music Composition from the University of Southern California, and a scholarship for graduate studies at the Institute for Advanced Musical Studies in Montreau, Switzerland.

Since 1975 Bada Haridas has studied and taught  Indian devotional music. He is a celebrated Kirtan singer and performs at festivals around the world.

In this unique course, he shares his knowledge and years of experience to help you enter into the world of sacred music and kirtan. 
This is a wonderful opportunity to learn harmonium from Bada Haridas and grow your experience and musical abilities with the harmonium.
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Bada Haridas and Visvambhar created these courses to give you everything you need to become an expert kirtaniya yourself. 
The Language of Music course provides a musical foundation that is important. 
You'll have a more enjoyable time with the harmonium, mridanga and kartal courses if you take the Language of Music course too.